Thermo-Tec’s Insulating Express Sleeves Help Beat Engine Heat

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Wires, hoses and cables need care and protection to perform their best. That’s why the heat and sound control experts at Thermo-Tec developed Express Sleeves – to help performance engines keep their cool, even under the most demanding conditions.

Easy-to-use Express Sleeves feature a combination high-temperature insulation material and highly reflective Mylar foil construction designed to provide maximum protection from the damaging effects of radiant heat. Simply pull the material apart, wrap the wire, hose or cable, and re-close the sleeving with the simple hook-and-loop system.

Express Sleeves reflect more than 90 percent of radiant heat up to 2,000 degrees and are fireproof, fire-resistant and just plain good-looking. Made in the USA, they are available in 1/2-to-1-inch and 1-to-1-1/2-inch diameters in 3-, 12- and 50-foot lengths.

Custom widths and lengths are also offered for special applications. Learn more at



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