Quarter-Max’s New Billet Adjustable Threaded Shock Mount Kit

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Easily mount your coil-over shocks with Quarter-Max® Chassis & Racing Components’ new Billet Adjustable Threaded Shock Mount Kit.

For customers that are not exactly sure of the final ride height or stance they want, or what shock length they need to order, having this adjustable shock mount allows for a wide range of adjustment after the build is completed, allowing the customer to keep their options open.

Quarter-Max also offers the option to integrate their billet adjustable shock mounts into any of their wide selection of 4-link kits. This added adjustability is a great addition to any car, from the street to the strip, especially for drag racers looking to potentially switch back and forth from large slicks to smaller drag radial tires.

For customers looking to participate in Drag Week, adjustable shock mounts are just the ticket to be able to raise the car for highway use and lower it down when you get to the race track.

The universal kit features housing brackets are made of 1/4″ mild steel and fit 3″ O.D. axle tubes. The billet shock mount utilizes 3/8″ grade 8 bolts to mount to the bracket. A 1/2″-20 grade 8 bolt is used to mount the coil-over shock to the billet shock mount. There is 5″ of height adjustment in 1″ increments between the billet shock mount and the brackets. The billet shock mounts are made of 4130 and are available in mounting widths of 3/4” or 1-1/2” to fit either steel or poly rod ends.

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