Product Spotlight: Quarter-Max’s Universal Splined Anti-Roll Bar Kits

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In this video, Rick Jones shows you the features of Quarter-Max® Chassis & Racing Components’ Universal Splined Anti-Roll Bar Kits available in 1-1/2″ and 2″ diameter and any custom width.

What makes Quarter-Max’s kits universal is the fact that the anti-roll bar tubing can be to cut to any width (kits available in 24″, 36″, or custom widths), and finished out by welding the billet splined hub ends to each end of the tube to create any custom width splined anti-roll bar shaft. The splined hubs are made of 4130 and are gun drilled to save weight.

The anti-roll bar pivots on two spherical bearings to provide smooth operation under extreme loads to eliminate any binding during suspension travel. The bearings are housed in the provided steel bearing cups, which can be mounted to the chassis with the supplied mounting brackets and hardware.

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