Keystone, Hot Wheels Car Care Ink Master Distribution Deal

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Keystone Automotive Operations (KAO) has entered into a master distribution agreement with Hot Wheels Americana Series Car Care. KAO will sell, stock and provide customer service for the initial line of five professional-grade Hot Wheels appearance and detailing products.

This deal opens up new distribution avenues for Hot Wheels Car Care products through restyling, performance, and restoration shops along with retail outlets and detailers in the US, Canada and Mexico.

“Being affiliated with the Hot Wheels brand is really special,” said Joe Rutledge, Category Director at Keystone Automotive Operations. “The high consumer brand recognition coupled with a suite of high quality car care products is a formula for success. We are looking forward to helping bring these new products to market and know our distribution, sales, marketing and customer support capabilities will make it easy for jobbers, retailers and detailers across North America to get the product when they need it.”

“Hot Wheels is thrilled to partner with Americana Pro to deliver a collection of quality car care products for fans to enhance and protect their own collection of life-size cars,” said Ricardo Briceno, Hot Wheels Director of Global Marketing. “The Hot Wheels Americana Pro Car Care Products pay tribute to the brand’s iconic heritage in car culture and gives fans a new way to interact with the popular toy brand.”

“Hot Wheels Car Care has experienced blurring fast growth over the past year. We’re excited to work with Keystone to accelerate that growth exponentially,” said Dan Pikarsky, Founder and President of Americana Pro Detailing Products maker of Hot Wheels Care Care. “Keystone understands how our professional “Car Culture Approved” products connect with automotive enthusiasts. And they have the distribution expertise and experience to bring Hot Wheels Car Care products to the next level.”

The initial 5 products of Hot Wheels Americana Series Car Care are:

  • Wash & Wax – Biodegradable, pH balanced, soap quickly dissolves dirt and road grime while the soft, high-lubricity Brazilian carnauba wax shines and protects in one easy application.
  • Epic Shine™– Synthetic polymer-based Nano-Hydrophobic spray detailer provides an unparalleled quick and easy hand shine. It creates an intense depth and deep gloss on any clear coated or chrome surface.
  • All Wheel Cleaner– Foam-activated spray dissolves brake dust, grease, dirt and road grime. Its non-acidic formulation is safe for stainless, chrome, aluminum, painted and coated wheels and rims.
  • Pro Tire Cleaner– Bleach-free formula safely “Breaks Down The Brown” returning tires to a like-new rubber surface. It rids tires of old dressing and road grime while making black walls black and white letters white.
  • Pro Tire Finish– Silicone based tire detail spray creates a crisp, dark, long-lasting showroom finish. The dual action formula “Dials In Your Shine,” either Satin Sheen or Ultra Shine, based on layers applied.



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