Dart’s New LS7 Compatible PRO 1 LS 12° 285cc CNC Cylinder Head

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Dart Machinery continues its revolutionary approach of redefining the LS platform with the release of the all-new PRO1 LS 12° 285cc CNC (LS7 compatible) aluminum cylinder head. No other area of racing engine development hold as much potential for increased performance as cylinder head selection and preparation.

Recommended for LS engines with 4.125” bore or larger. For maximum competition, drag race, circle track, naturally aspirated, heavy nitrous or forced induction applications.

PRO1 LS 12° 285cc CNC Features:

  • LS7 compatible
  • Cast Aluminum Alloy
  • High flowing 285cc CNC intake ports
  • 66cc CNC combustion chambers
  • 12° valve angle with 2.200” x 1.625” valve job
  • 6-bolt per cylinder

Part Numbers:

11060000   C-Core Casting             Valves N/A                               Max Lift N/A

11061080   Bare Head                       2.200”/1.625” Valves     Max Lift N/A

Note: PRO1 LS 12° Single Plane Intake Manifold also available (45311021)



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