Aviaid Introduces Aluminum Coyote Dry Sump Pan

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Aviaid, the company that pioneered dry sump lubrication systems in motorsports, now offers a fabricated aluminum pan for 5.0L Ford Coyote engines (2011 to present). This newest Coyote package includes the anodized aluminum pan with three scavenge ports, three AN-12 fittings with built-in stainless steel mesh filters, a combination windage tray and gasket, plus fasteners.

The pan, developed in collaboration with MMR, is designed to be used with either a 3-stage dry sump pump for street or moderate competition (one port is plugged) or a 4-stage pump for all-out racing. Aviaid offers both its popular Series 1 pump, or the Roots-style rotor Series 2.

A variety of brackets and pump drives are available to provide installation options to best suit most race car or street machines application. Aviaid also manufactures a full line of dry sump tanks of varying capacities. Remote adapters, filters, braided stainless steel lines and fittings are also available.

Founded in 1961, Aviaid has been providing lubrication solutions to the automotive and marine aftermarket for 60 years —and remains at the forefront of technology. For details go to or call 818-998-8991. E –mails can be sent to

For details visit or call +1 (818) 998-8991.



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