Aeromotive Introduces ‘Signature Body Series’ Brushless Fuel Pumps

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Aeromotive, the market leader in fuel delivery systems and components, introduces its new Signature Body Series Brushless Fuel Pumps. Aeromotive now provides their latest brushless fuel pump technology in the classic Aeromotive finned pump housing with integral mounting tabs to better support builds where a lighter, lower profile pump assembly is desired.

The new Signature Body design is available for all four Aeromotive brushless pumps: the Brushless A1000 (P/N 11184), the Brushless Eliminator (P/N 11184), the 3.5 GPM Brushless Gear Pump (P/N 11185), and the 5.0 GPM Brushless Gear Pump (P/N 11186). Aeromotive’s popular Brushless Fuel Pump line provides more flow at higher pressures. The Brushless technology improves performance and efficiency by drawing less current, creating less heat, and eliminating the wear common to brush style motors. The Brushless A1000 and Eliminator versions feature the same legendary roller-vane pumping mechanisms that have been trusted to perform for decades. Aeromotive’s Brushless Fuel Pump line is ideal for dual purpose, street/race applications requiring a continuous duty fuel pump.

“When designing our new line of brushless pumps, it was important to keep the final product in the same size and shape to be able to fit into our fuel systems and offer a chance for customers to upgrade their existing Aeromotive set-ups,” stated Steve Matusek, President of Aeromotive. “When we started receiving feedback from customers seeking additional mounting options, we responded by designing our Signature Body option to simplify the installation process.”

All pumps from Aeromotive’s Brushless Fuel Pump line are available in one of four configurations:

  • Signature Body, external in-line with finned pump housing and integral mounting tabs.
  • Standard Body, external in-line with modular Stainless T-Bolt mounting clamps.
  • Direct drop-in, direct replacement for any brush style pump in an Aeromotive Stealth fuel cell – including the COPO Camaro, Mustang Cobra Jet or MOPAR Drag Pak factory race cars.
  • Complete Stealth fuel cells from A1000 to 5.0 series, available in 6, 15 or 20 gallon capacities.

For more information about the new Signature Body Brushless Fuel Pumps, or other Aeromotive fuel system components, visit the Aeromotive website,, email at, or call 913-647-7300 to speak to one of Aeromotive’s technical specialists.



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