VP Racing Fuels Promotes LC7 Traction Compound

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More and more tracks have found that VP Racing Fuels’ traction compounds improve the quality of racing at their facility, often while reducing their expenses. If you have not yet tried VP’s “Lane Choice 7™” traction compound, you owe it to yourself to check it out now.


Before you order someone else’s compound for this season, consider the price and cash outlay for VP’s LC7.  It’s much lower than other traction compounds and considering that LC7 can be cut with methanol in warmer temperatures – it makes using our products even more economical.

More importantly – IT WORKS BETTER!

But don’t just take our word for it. This testimonial is just one of dozens we’ve received from satisfied track operators:

“We at MIR have taken great pride in our track prep over the years and our reputation as one of the quickest tracks in the country is well known. In 2011, we purchased 96 barrels of PJ1 and used around 80 barrels, due to an annual 108 race day schedule plus an average of two or more track rentals per week. With the increased price of PJ1, we had to look into alternative ways to keep our cost down. In 2012, we used up the balance of the PJ1 and purchased over 60 barrels of VP’s LC7. Throughout the use of this product, we have maintained our reputation for a great racing surface and saved a large amount of expense. If you haven’t given LC7 a try recently, I recommend that you do so and you too can see significant savings on your track prep expenses.”

Royce Miller, President – Maryland International Raceway



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