Upgrade Your Old Pilot Chute to a New Launcher System from Stroud Safety

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Stroud Safety drag chute launcher systems do away with pilot chutes and their inherent problems. Upgrade to a new Stroud drag chute featuring rip-stop construction for improved durability. All Stroud colors are available at no additional charge.

Then choose from either a Spring or Air Launcher System. These launchers can be used on bracket cars up to Top Fuel. They are especially effective on eighth-mile strips since they are not speed-dependent like a pilot chute system. Mounting kits are also available for single- or dual-chute applications

Stroud Safety has been supplying competitors with Custom Fire Suits, Seat Belts, Window Nets, Ballistic Blankets and Engine Diapers, Fire Suppression Kits, Drag Chutes and Launchers, and more for over 30 years!

Write to or call 800-554-4648 for more information and free catalog. Visit the website at and follow on Facebook and YouTube.



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