Trend Performance Expands Further Into Valvetrain With X2

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Race Winning Brands, Inc. acquired the assets of X2 Valvetrain from the Xceldyne, expanding its catalog of high performance valvetrain components. X2 will become a part of its Trend Performance division.

X2 Valvetrain is a leading brand in the valve and valvetrain marketplace, featuring the finest materials,
tightest tolerances and best finishes available. For nearly a decade, X2 has supplied a variety of premium steel valves and valvetrain components to the auto racing industry, including the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and NASCAR.

More recently, X2 expanded its offering to include a powersports product line to provide steel and titanium valves, along with ancillary valvetrain components to professional off-road motorcycle and ATV racing teams. X2 valves, valve springs, lightweight retainers, locks, and tappet buckets have since been utilized in numerous championship-winning bikes.

“X2 is an excellent fit for the Trend product line and we’re excited to make these products available to our customers,” explained Bob Fox, President of Trend Performance. “X2’s quality and performance has
made it a top choice for professional teams and engine builders. We look forward to providing race teams
more of the service and parts they need.”

Since 1988, Trend Performance has led the advancement of modern pushrod and valvetrain component
design. Beginning with the development of the Sprintron, a unique valvetrain testing and measurement
tool used by professional race engine builders worldwide, Trend quickly leveraged its knowledge to
develop and validate proprietary one-piece pushrod designs.

Since then, Trend has become the leader in both off-the-shelf and custom pushrods, wrist pins and high precision valvetrain components.

“Trend Performance is a respected valvetrain manufacturer and is the ideal company to continue to grow
the X2 brand,” said Xceldyne President Corey Smith. “Xceldyne’s focus is on supplying titanium valves
and valvetrain components to the performance racing industry. We’re very happy to find a knowledgable
group to take care of X2 and its customers.”

“Acquiring the assets of X2 expedites our vision to expand Trend into the valve market by jump-starting
with an already developed and proven product line,” offered Race Winning Brands CEO Brian Reese. “We intend to continue building X2 on the solid core that Xceldyne has already developed.”



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