TH350/C Heavy Duty Race From Sonnax Delivers Twice the Torque Capacity

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For unrivaled GM TH350 and TH350C reliability at any power level, Sonnax now offers a heavy duty intermediate overrun clutch outer race with twice the torque capacity of any OE or other aftermarket part. It’s a revolutionary new transmission upgrade that brings an end to worrying about chronic race failure in today’s performance vehicles.

Like many OE components that struggle under added power, high torque loads easily cause the weak OE race to fracture. Despite many attempts to create improved versions, most aftermarket races were never significantly tougher than used OE parts.

Sonnax looked at all the issues to develop an upgraded race proven to eliminate every weak point. A unique design significantly reduces risk of fracture at lube holes and splines, while upgraded material and a custom manufacturing process further improve durability. As a direct replacement part for OE 6261021, it also eliminates need for expensive sprag conversions. This groundbreaking combination of features makes Sonnax heavy duty race the best option available for vehicles at any power level.

See what happens during extreme torque tests when the Sonnax race goes up against the OE. Visit to watch the video and learn more about how to radically improve your transmission’s reliability with Sonnax race 35723HD-02. Ask for this and other Sonnax transmission parts from performance parts distributors.



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