Stroud Safety Re-Certifies Their SFI-Rated Products

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Check your SFI labels on a regular basis to ensure that you are compliant and that your safety equipment is at peak performance in case of an accident. Nothing is more disappointing than discovering your SFI certification has expired during a technical inspection at your next event!

Also, keep in mind that some sanctioning organizations may have different schedules for some equipment. SFI has the following schedule: seat belts – 2 years, window nets – 2 years, fire suits (SFI 15 and 20) – 5 years, blower plates – 2 years, ballistic blankets – 2 years, and fire bottles – up to 6 years.

Drag chutes are not SFI rated, but Stroud will inspect your Stroud Safety chute and wash it at no charge. You will be informed in advance before any repair or replacement charges are incurred. Visit the Stroud Re-certification page on their website at all information and costs.

Stroud Safety has been supplying competitors with Custom Fire Suits, Seat Belts, Window Nets, Ballistic Blankets and Engine Diapers, Fire Suppression Kits, Drag Chutes and Launchers, and more for over 30 years!

Write to or call 405-632-2022 for more information and a free catalog. Visit the website at www.stroudsafety.comand follow on Facebook and YouTube.



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