Quick Fuel Technology Releases Street-Q and Pro-Street QFX Carburetors

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Quick Fuel Technology’s (QFT’s) new Street-Q carburetor is intended to deliver legendary Q-Series performance to hardcore street enthusiasts at a reduced price. The major differences between the Street-Q and the race-bred Q-Series is the substitution of cast metering blocks and a cast throttle body in place of fully-machined billet components. All of the critical functionality is retained including 2-circuit metering, down-leg boosters, changeable idle and high-speed air bleeds and 4-corner idle adjustments. Adjusting secondary opening rates with QFT’s exclusive vacuum secondary QuickSet™ (a simple screw adjustment instead of changing springs), and QFT’s QuickLink™ for mechanical secondary carburetors makes tuning fast and easy. The Street-Q’s universal throttle lever design accommodates Ford A/T kickdowns, has 700-R4 bracket mounting holes and the ability to mount brackets for Chrysler vehicles.

Available sizes include 650, 750, 850, and 950cfm mechanical secondary models and a 750 vacuum secondary model is also offered. QFT’s Street-Q carburetors utilize the race-oriented Q-Series main body that does not have a choke horn or choke, so if you live in colder climates, the folks at Quick Fuel Technology® suggest choosing one of its SS-Series carbs that come standard with electric chokes and most of the same Street-Q features.

Quick Fuel’s new Pro-Street QFX Series carburetors are designed for higher horsepower, larger cubic inch street engine applications. These carburetors retain many of the features found in the larger CFM models. All models come with FOUR DOOR® power valves and specific fuel curves to provide for better street driveability.

The gasoline-only Pro-Street QFX Series carburetors are available in 750, 975, 1050, and 1150cfm models.



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