Product Spotlight: VooDoo Booster

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Utilizing the scientific theory behind dual phase power supply design, the VooDoo Booster is a voltage booster designed to increase the voltage and power to your fuel pump to deliver more fuel under high-demand situations. True Motorsports offers multiple Fuel Pump Voltage Boosting solutions to overcome the fuel demand needs of high horsepower applications. By increasing the voltage delivered to the fuel pump from 14V to 18.2V with the VooDoo Booster allows high horsepower applications the ability to have a stable air to fuel ratio without having to break the bank.

The VooDoo Booster comes in multiple configurations, which includes a Plug and Play Harness for Ford Mustang GTs, as well as a dual fuel pump delivery system known as the VooDeux Booster Plus. The VooDeux Booster Plus can drive two fuel pumps at 18.0V, which can also be installed with the custom designed Plug and Play harness for ‘11-‘19 Ford Mustang GT350/GT500 vehicles. Selecting this fuel pump voltage boosting approach is the most cost-effective way to overcome fuel deficiency without having to purchase an expensive and larger fuel pump system. Visit for more info.



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