PDRA Introduces Rule Changes for Pro Boost and Pro Extreme Motorcycle

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During Tuesday’s live Facebook show, “Live with Lee,” PDRA announced rule changes to Andy McCoy Race Cars Pro Boost and Drag 965 Pro Extreme Motorcycle. The rule changes follow an impressive fourth season for the organization and serve as an effort to continue improving the series.

Drag 965 Pro Extreme Motorcycle rules are widened to allow for more bike participation, namely by opening the field to turbo applications. “We recognize that times are changing, and we need to change with them,” explained PDRA’s Bob Harris. “In recent years turbos have become a strong contender in a variety of categories, including Pro Mod bikes. By allowing them into the field, we are staying current and strengthening the program.”


The new rules to be implemented in PXM in 2018 are as follows:

  1. Turbos will be allowed in PXM in 2018
  2. Turbos allowed with mechanical injection may not be larger than 65 mm (alcohol)-(gas)
  3. EFI Turbos may not be larger than 63.5mm
  4. Any Turbos running alcohol can not run an intercooler
  5. Any Turbos running gas may run an intercooler
  6. Only 1 power adder allowed
  7. V-Twin Turbo Harleys allowed and may also use nitrous
  8. V-Twin Turbo Harleys may not exceed 122cc with 2 power adders
  9. V- Twin Turbo Harleys may not exceed 160cc with 1 power adder
  10. All Turbo bikes must weigh 700 lbs after run with rider
  11. All Turbo bikes will run no larger than a 11 inch tire, same as NOS bikes
  12. All other rules listed under PDRA PXM apply
  13. Race Director has the option to change or modify rules at any time to maintain parity in the class

As the outlaw class with the most rules, Pro Boost rules are aimed at keeping parity between the various power adders in the class. The rules are revised as needed to maintain a competitive balance in the class.

“Pro Boost has become one of the most popular classes in the PDRA,” continued Harris. “It’s fun to see the different power combinations battle it out and create rivalry. We look forward to that rivalry continuing to grow.”

The new rules to be implemented in Pro Boost in 2018 are as follows:

  1. Supercharged entries @ 2500 lbs including lockup
  2. Supercharged entries @ 2450 with no lockup with 3 speed or less
  3. Turbo entries @ 2575 lbs with maximum of 88mm
  4. Turbo entries @ 2625 lbs with 88mm using lockups
  5. Nothing turbos bigger than 88 mm allowed
  6. Hemi head motors are limited to a 4.900 bore space
  7. Wedge head motors are limited to a 5.000 bore space

A complete list of rules for all classes can be found on the Competition page of



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