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MSD has led the automotive world in performance ignitions for over 40 years and now we are rewriting another industry standard. Using current aftermarket options to convert a vehicle to EFI can be difficult and time consuming but with the all new Atomic EFI, all that is going to change. Atomic EFI is a throttle body kit designed to update old engines with outdated carburetors to a fuel injection system with all of the modern benefits of EFI.

Atomic EFI was designed for the car guy. It can be installed by anyone with access to basic tools and a car with a 4-barrel carb. No laptop is required and the owner doesn’t need to understand how to tune a fuel map because we do all that for them. In fact, we do a lot of the wiring for the user too! Instead of having countless sensors that have to be installed on the engine, we incorporate the TPS, MAP, IAT, and more right in the throttle body so the user never has to worry about them.

The best part of the Atomic EFI system is the returnless fuel feature. MSD uses pulse width modulation technology to control the fuel pump so that you only need one line. This means most users can keep their existing fuel tank pickup and never have to modify the gas tank. A small external Power Controller is required for the fuel pump and fans, but MSD implemented CAN-Bus technology to keep wiring minimized.

The Atomic EFI is scheduled to be on store shelves in January 2012.

To find more information on Atomic EFI’s great performance specs, or to see just how easy installation truly is go to



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