MSD Front Drive Distributors For Big Block And Small Block Chevys

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Holley is pleased to announce the release of MSD Pro-Billet Front Drive Distributors. Developed for both big block and small block Chevys, they’re perfect for race engines that need a cam-sync signal for EFI systems but don’t have room for a standard distributor because of inadequate firewall clearance or bulky intake setups.
MSD Pro-Billet Front Drive Distributors feature an adjustable Hall Effect sync pickup with a built-in LED for easy adjustments, an extra-wide 9mm belt driven by a pulley on the camshaft, and a band-clamp mount for fast, easy rotor-phasing. They come complete with a billet-aluminum bracket and lower housing, a billet distributor head, and a new gear for the camshaft.

For full product details and a complete array of savable high-resolution photos (click image until you reach the largest size, and then right-click the image and click “Save As”), click the following links:

•  MSD Front Drive Distributor (Big Block Chevy)
•  MSD Front Drive Distributor (Small Block Chevy)



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