Middle East Shock Builder Incorporates Intercomp Shock Dyno

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Algifari Off-Road, owned by Mansour Algifari and located in Saudi Arabia, recently purchased an Intercomp 3hp Variable Speed Shock Dyno with 40-inch Masts. Mansour has been in the performance shock market for over 25 years, and has been a Bilstein dealer for eight.  Algifari Off-Road specializes in tuning shocks for off-road applications, including suspensions for monster trucks.  They also work on other performance and road-racing vehicles and wanted a tool to help customers understand how a particular shock can improve overall vehicle performance.

“I’m an engineer, by trade, who has studied shock dyno charts for decades and ‘know what it’s all about,'” said Mansour Algifari, owner, Algifari Off-Road, and a certified Bilstein trainer. “However, this is the first shock dyno I have owned. The dyno has provided my company the opportunity to evaluate the possibilities of making our own shocks, allowing us to build specialized products for the specific needs of each customer. The dyno has also been helpful by allowing me to display this type of measurement equipment in a place where it is not widely used.”

Algifari Off-Road is one of the most advanced shock-related companies serving the western Persian Gulf region, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, the UAE, and Oman. As an industry leader, Algifari has continued to look for products that would help improve service for each customer while continuing to expand its capabilities and market reach. The quantitative, numerical data produced by the dyno allows customers to truly understand what their shocks are doing.

Easy-to-use software was one of the primary factors that convinced Mansour to purchase an Intercomp dyno. As a trainer, Mansour says the software minimizes potential intimidation because the software menus are easy to navigate. Adjusting test parameters and understanding the data are intuitive enough to quickly demonstrate to customers and students, while providing the important detail demanded by experienced technicians.

Algifari Off-Road’s Intercomp 3hp Variable Speed dyno has given the company the ability to expand its business, but has also created other competitive advantages. The addition of the dyno has allowed the company to demonstrate the importance of properly-tuned shocks for performance and race vehicles to more people in the region. As a result, business has increased as racers learn more about the potential gains from well-tuned suspension.



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