Holley Releases Mid-Mount Accessory Drives For Small & Big Block Chevy!

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Holley’s Mid-Mount accessory drives are now available for your small block Chevy and big block Chevy engines! The revolutionary system does what no other accessory bracket system has done… GETS RID OF THE BRACKETS!

This is Holley’s first accessory system for small block Chevy and big block Chevy, and they start at the top. The Mid-Mount complete accessory system has all accessories pulled in tighter than other accessory drives. At the heart of the system is a patent pending “bracketless” design where the accessories bolt directly to the water pump for a clean, integrated form. T

he design offers superb engine visibility to show off your horsepower, not your accessories. The Holley designed alternator is just as innovative. This premium alternator utilizes square wave, 6-phase technology as found on the C7 Corvette. The water pump also shares its design efficiencies with that of the C7 Corvette. The compact and reliable SD7 A/C compressor and Type II P/S pump with baffled reservoir are also integrated.

When we say “complete”, we mean complete. The Mid-mount system comes with everything you need. All accessories are included: the water pump, A/C compressor, Alternator, and P/S pump with reservoir. All pulleys and the belt are supplied. Even A/C line adapter, heater hose adapters, power steering to -6 AN hardline, and the alternator plug/harness are included. Easy assembly was a priority during the entire development of this accessory solution. Color graphical instructions walk you through every step of the ultra-easy installation.



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