FUELAB Offers New SAE Flange Mount In-Tank DC Brushless Fuel Pumps           

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With more than 10 years in brushless fuel system innovation for the automotive aftermarket, FUELAB is proud to introduce new, cutting edge technologies to meet the most demanding applications. Our new speed controllable, twin screw DC brushless fuel pump is now available for SAE 10-Bolt systems, commonly used with fuel cells or fabricated reservoirs.

Capable of supporting 1200 horsepower at 60psi while consuming less than 10A of current, it’s one of the most efficient single pump offerings available anywhere. Great for boosted applications as well, with 100psi pressure capability while still exceeding 400lph and only 13A of current draw Compatible with gasoline, ethanol and methanol fuels. Three models available in 250lph, 350lph and 500lph configurations.

MSRP: $880-$925 depending on application Designed, manufactured and tested in our Collinsville, IL facility. Contact FUELAB at (618) 344-3300 or on the web at



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