World Products Release New Version Of Man O’War Small Block

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World Products has released a new 9.200″ deck version of their Man O’War ford small block. This block is ideal for the oval track market and drag racing applications. The lower deck height allows shorter, lighter connecting rods and pistons to be used which improves acceleration. The shorter deck also reduces overall weight and lowers the center of gravity.

World has upgraded the castings to a 40,000 psi iron alloy, and added material to the main webs. The front web is now .080″ thicker and the center three are increased by .030″, offering greatly increased strength.

The new block is available with 3.995″ or 4.120″ siamese cylinder bores (to finish at 4.000″ or 4.125″), and either 302 (2.248″) or Cleveland (2.749″) main bearing journals with billet steel 4-bolt caps on all five mains. World also changed from the standard 1/2″ main cap fasteners to 7/16″ ARP fasteners, leaving more material in the webs in order to strengthen the main web structure further.

The Man O’War accommodates any standard SBF cylinder heads, and it is the only production SBF block with 6 head bolts per cylinder.

The cylinder barrels are extended into the crankcase at the bottom by 1/2″ to provide superior piston support with long stroke crankshafts, and the block comes already machined with clearance for a 4.125″ stroke crankshaft.

• 087150 – 9.200 Deck, 3.995 Bore, 302 Mains, Billet Caps
• 087160 – 9.200 Deck, 4.120 Bore, 302 Mains, Billet Caps
• 087152 – 9.200 Deck, 3.995 Bore, Cleveland Mains, Billet Caps
• 087162 – 9.200 Deck, 4.120 Bore, Cleveland Mains, Billet Caps

World Products blocks and heads are 100% American made and are subject to stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure superior quality and performance.



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