VP Racing Fuels to Continue Making Donations from Pink Container Sales

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VP Racing Fuels, Inc. today reported that donations to the Prevent Cancer Foundation in conjunction with sales of pink VP Motorsport Containers have reached $2,695. This amount is in addition to an auction bid of $2,000 given to the foundation last month for a pink container autographed by three top NHRA drivers.

VP also announced the pink containers will be made available as a regular stock item and donations to the foundation will continue with each sale.


“Our original intent was to offer the pink containers as a “Special Edition” only during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but due to their popularity we decided to extend production to generate additional contributions,” said Alan Cerwick, President of VP Racing Fuels. “Going forward, we’ll donate $2.50 to the Prevent Cancer Foundation with each sale of a pink container, while during each Breast Cancer Awareness Month we’ll double that to $5 per container as we did this year.

“In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we hope the pink containers will be viewed as the ideal gift – meeting a need among the race fans in your family while also providing a gift to a great cause,” he concluded.

To order a pink VP Motorsport Container, visit VP Racing Fuels online at vpracingfuels.com. For more information, contact the nearest regional VP distribution center listed online at http://www.vpracingfuels.com/contactus.html.

For more information regarding the Prevent Cancer Foundation, visit preventcancer.org.



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