Turbostart Batteries Back and Better Than Ever

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Turbostart is back and better than ever. Turbostart 16V AGM race batteries are now made with 100% new lead to improve the performance and extend the life of what was already a race proven product. Turbostart AGM batteries maintenance-free sealed design can be mounted anywhere and in any configuration. Turbostart has improved on the maintenance-free design by switching to 100% new lead which will hold a charge longer and will result in less charging time between races. Overheating or overcharging a battery due to time restraints between races will start to weaken a batteries ability to hold a charge, and by using 100% new lead Turbostart will help eliminate this issue.

The simple fact of the matter is that 16V provides a 4V cushion to the electrical system over a 12V system. Instead of a full charge open circuit of 12.6V, the 16V battery offers a full charge voltage of 16.8V. This means that even when totally discharged, a 16V battery will produce 14V as opposed to a 12V discharged battery producing only 10.5V. Even at full discharge a 16V battery will exceed the minimum recommended voltages of an aftermarket ignition system. This will create a hotter and more consistent spark for the engine. Many other components, such as the starter, fuel pump, electric fans, and even electric water pump, will also perform more consistently with a Turbostart 16V battery. For more information about batteries, chargers and many other new products from Turbostart visit or call 877-324-9300.



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