Thermo-Tec Assists In Setting Land Speed Record With Team Vesco

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Thermo-Tec has been a proud sponsor and supporter of Team Vesco, home of the world’s fastest wheel-driven car at 503mph. Driver Dave Spangler has extensive racing experience including go-karts, outboard hydroplane boats, motorcycles, ocean boats, and bicycles. Dave set his first land speed record at 295.802 MPH in 1985.  In 1995 he became the 16th member inducted into the 300 MPH chapter of the 200 MPH club with a class record of 302.673 MPH. In 2008 he went 323.460 MPH for another C/GS record and 337.197 MPH for a B/GS record in 2010. Dave was inducted into the 400 MPH Chapter of the 200 MPH Club at Speed Week 2018. He set records and Top Speed at every event in 2018 and the fastest top speed ever recorded for a wheel driven car at 503.3 MPH in October 2018.

“Team Vesco is a huge fan of Thermo-Tec products and have used them on both of our record-setting land speed cars,” Spangler said. “The cars we run are called ‘streamliners’ due to the fact that they are stream lined to the max! Although both our 350 mph and 503 mph cars are over 24′ long they are only 24″ wide, designed to eliminate as much air resistance as possible. These narrow cars require compacting all of the internal working parts, wires, hoses etc. into a very confined space. Heat becomes a major issue. That’s where Thermo-Tec comes in. This product provides the critical insulation necessary to keep the complicated systems ‘cool.'”



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