S&W Group Unveils New 3D Printing Services for Rapid Prototyping

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The S&W Performance Group has formally announced the addition of 3D Printing, to their extensive list of services. Their commercial division, S&W Precision Specialties, now has the ability to provide rapid prototyping to both industrial market and performance motorsports industry clients.

“Our group embraces new technologies and we’re always keeping watch on new equipment and evolving technologies,” said S&W’s President, Michael Weney. “Valued customers and our company will both benefit, as a direct result of our latest investment.”

S&W’s engineering and design department will work closely with their clients, to create parts used for functional prototypes, casting, fiberglass layup, one-off specialty and/or short run production. The layer height tolerance is .002” and the process utilizes materials such as; PLA, PETG, Carbon Fiber and more. An assortment of popular colors and materials are standard and stocked. Additional color and material choices are available by request. 

For additional information and RFQ’s, please call 610-948-7332.



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