Stott Recovers Sign of the Times

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ADRL Pro Extreme racer Quain Stott recovered a piece of his personal history yesterday. Here’s the story, as only Quain can tell it:

“A good friend of mine, Jerry Jennings, found this and gave it to me yesterday. It’s the sign that was hanging outside my shop in Gowensville (SC) in the late ’70s.


“Jerry was tearing down an old building at his mom’s house and this was a patch panel on the back wall. He don’t remember how it got there, the only explanation we can come up with is that when I was in the chassis business Jerry always hauled off my old metal to the scrap yard and when I took the sign down for a new one it must have been in the trash so he got it out because it was a good piece of plywood.

“I’m glad he was the one that found it. Anybody else would have trashed it and it would be gone forever. It was painted around 1977 by the late Red Abee, a good friend of mine.”



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