Racepak’s Drag SmartWire Simplifies Wiring

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Simplifying wiring and saving weight are essential in a drag car, and Racepak’s Drag SmartWire makes it happen. It serves as the vehicle’s power distribution center, and with 125 amps of total output, it eliminates traditional fuse panels, breakers and relays, simplifying the wiring system.

The Drag SmartWire is pre-programmed for drag racing functions, making it ready to use. However all outputs are user-definable, enabling complete customization of the vehicle’s power requirements. A printed wiring harness specifically designed for a drag vehicle is also included, making this a complete power and wiring package.

The Drag SmartWire features 30 total outputs and 12 inputs. A switch panel, which connects to the SmartWire unit with a single wire, can be added for manual control of up to eight functions. It also connects seamlessly with any Racepak V-Net data logger or display dash.

Racepak part number: 500-KT-SWDRAG

To learn more, visit or call Racepak at 888-429-4709.



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