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Q&A: No Prep Meets DeWayne Mills & Daniel Pharris, Bruder Bros, Steve Torrence a Top Fuel Great and Racing “In the Heat of the Day”

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In this episode of The Wes Buck Show, host Wes Buck answers a slew of questions from listeners including his thoughts on No Prep drag racing and the seemingly endless drama surrounding top-tier professional race teams invading that space, the potential unification of Pro Modified drag racing rules, how it would impact the eliminator and its outlaw counterparts, as well as how smaller series and sanctions have fueled the growth of this particular brand of drag racing. He also dishes on racing “in the heat of the day” and the disturbing trend of record-setting being the deciding factor on whether or not an event is exciting and successful or not, Steve Torrence entering the conversation as to the best drivers in Top Fuel history, the fast-approaching NHRA four-race stretch and much more in this no-holds-barred stream of consciousness. 




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