Pro Systems Introduces 2200 CFM ‘Monster’ Carburetor

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ProSystemsCarbs_logo300Even with the introduction of the single-barrel SV1 carburetor there are still folks that prefer the tried-and-true four barrels.  Well Pro Systems has you covered there, too.  We’ve been building big four barrels for almost 20 years. 

ProSysMonsterWith hundreds and hundreds of Records and Championships under our belt we have the track record to get results and have applied that learned technology to build this monster.

If you are looking for a really big four barrel “The Monster” has 2.6-inch throttle blades and 2.25-inch venturis.  It can be sized to flow up to 2,200 cfm and feed over 1,400 horsepower!

Priced at $2,499.00. For more information, please visit



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