PDRA World Finals Semifinal, Final Rounds Postponed to Monday

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Persistent rain showers Sunday morning combined with more rain in the forecast forced Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA) officials to postpone the completion of the semifinal and final rounds of the Proline Racing Brian Olson Memorial World Finals at Virginia Motorsports Park. The race will continue Monday with a projected 3 p.m. EST start time.

“With a completely saturated racetrack and more rain in the forecast for the rest of the day, we had no choice but to write off today,” said Tyler Crossnoe, race director, PDRA. “Moving forward, our options were to split the payout and points among the racers left in competition – with a couple championships still in play – or finish the event on Monday. During our driver’s meeting this afternoon, we had enough drivers who wanted to finish the race that we felt it was the right decision to make.”


While several 2020 PDRA world champions have already been decided, there are still a handful of titles left up for grabs, plus various points positions.

“At any other race, this would be a much easier decision, but this is the World Finals,” said Lonnie Grim, competition & tech director, PDRA. “Racers are competing for world championships and they’re trying to improve their spot in the points.”

The PDRA and Virginia Motorsports Park track officials will complete a full scrape of the track Monday morning to provide an ideal surface to complete the race.

“We want everyone to know we will have a full track crew in place to provide our racers with a fast, safe track surface, as well as to ensure the event is completed as safely and fairly as possible,” Grim added.

Stay tuned to and the PDRA Facebook page for a detailed run schedule for the Monday completion of the PDRA Proline Racing Brian Olson Memorial World Finals.



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