New Motown Pro Light-Weight SBC Block from World Products

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World Products has introduced a new light-weight cast iron small block for racing and performance applications. Weighing in at a nominal 178 lbs, the Motown Pro Light-Weight is cast from a special 40,000 psi iron alloy for increased strength while weighing significantly less than typical aftermarket blocks.

The new block is available with either a standard SBC cam journal and lifters, or with a BBC cam journal and .904″ lifter bores to provide enhanced valve train stability and performance. The priority main oiling system has been revised to accommodate the .904″ lifter upgrade without the added cost of bronze lifter bushings. Oil passages have been enlarged and provision for oil restrictors is built into the valley, further enhancing the high rpm potential by providing improved oil supply and control. Ductile iron main caps are fitted with 4-bolt splayed caps on #2, 3 & 4 and 2-bolt caps for #1 & 5 which allow easy oil pan fitment. The main caps are secured by high strength 7/16″ ARP bolts for maximum stability.

Clearance for a 4.000″ stroke crankshaft is machined in, and connecting rods which offer clearance for the BBC cam option with the 4.000″ stroke are available. The siamese cylinder bores come in either 3.995″ or 4.120″, (to finish at 4.000″ or 4.125″) with a maximum bore of 4.185″ to allow for big cubic inch displacement.

World’s new Motown Pro Light-Weight block offers tremendous performance potential in a new lightweight package that will appeal to both circle track racers and drag racers.

Part numbers for the new SBC blocks are:
083010 – 3.995″ Bore, 350 mains, standard SBC cam journal & .842 lifters
083020 – 4.120″ Bore, 350 mains, standard SBC cam journal & .842 lifters
083010-BBC – 3.995″ Bore, 350 mains, BBC cam journal & .904 lifters
083020-BBC – 4.120″ Bore, 350 mains, BBC cam journal & .904 lifters

World Products blocks and heads are 100% American made and are subject to stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure superior quality and performance.

For more information, contact World Products, 877-630-6651, or



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