Musi Racing and Pat Musi Racing Engines Renew Longtime Partnership with Edelbrock for 2021

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With a relationship that has spanned more than two decades, Pat Musi Racing Engines and Edelbrock, a leading manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket performance parts, have formed a lasting partnership that has been pivotal for both companies.

That relationship will extend into 2021 as well, as Pat Musi Racing Engines and Musi Racing today announced a continuing partnership with Edelbrock for the upcoming racing season. Edelbrock will again support the Musi Racing team and driver Lizzy Musi, who will pilot the Edelbrock-equipped “Aftershock” Camaro on the Street Outlaws circuit.


Edelbrock and Pat Musi Racing Engines will continue their long-lasting partnership as well, building on the collaborative Edelbrock/Musi product line that was released in 2019.

“I became a consultant with Edelbrock in 2000 and more than 20 years later, it’s really turned into a big deal for both of us,” Pat Musi said. “It’s led to even bigger opportunities and an even bigger relationship, and it says a lot to have worked together for more than two decades. We’ve worked hand-in-hand developing products with Edelbrock. A decal on a car just doesn’t do it anymore. You have to work together, and that’s what we have with Edelbrock.”

Edelbrock and Pat Musi Racing Engines have combined forces in recent years to release a number of innovative products, including their collaborative crate engine line, as well as the Edelbrock/Musi collection, which features cylinder heads and manifolds. It continues a unique partnership that has featured both companies working closely together to build high-quality products for the street and the strip that hold up under the most extreme applications and conditions.

That has led to a number of impressive advancements, whether it’s cylinder heads or crate engines like the Edelbrock/Musi 555 and 632, or the new Edelbrock Race Center housed within the Pat Musi Racing Engines facility, and that partnership will include continued product development this year.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Pat Musi Racing Engines and the Musi Racing team. Lizzy has become a tremendous star in the sport and we can’t wait to see her continue that success in 2021,” Edelbrock Group Chief Commercial Officer Chris Douglas said.

“We’ve also worked closely with Pat and his great team for a number of years, and we’ve partnered on a number of great products in that time, including the Edelbrock/Musi products. He’s a top racing mind and his experience is invaluable, and we’re excited for more product development in 2021.”

On the track, Lizzy Musi has become a star in the Street Outlaws ranks, showing her driving talent in front of a massive television audience on Discovery.

“Edelbrock is really thrilled about the Street Outlaws deal and the number of people that program reaches is really incredible,” Pat Musi said. “It’s a different kind of racing, but you’re reaching a huge amount of people in our sport. There are a lot of big things happening, so we can’t wait to get started.”



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