Moroso Introduces Multi-Use Breather Tank

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Moroso introduces Part No. 85455, a Breather Tank with two 1/2″ female fittings. This breather tank can be used as a remote multi-inlet oil catch/breather for Crankcase Ventilation, Vacuum Pumps, Dry Sump Tanks or Rear Ends. Features Two 1/2″ NPT female ttings that are 180 Degrees apart for ease of plumbing, can be used to collect from two sources. Manufactured from aluminum, this lightweight tank features internal baffling with mesh media for separation of air and oil. Includes non-hooded, clamp–on filtered breather, heavy duty T-Clamp and a bottom petcock drain. Dimensions are 3-1/8″ diameter (without mount), 6-1/2″ tank height (without filter or drain), 11-1/2″ overall height.

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