Jeremy Huffman Planning 2021 PDRA Extreme Pro Stock Debut

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The PDRA’s Extreme Pro Stock class will grow by at least one car and driver in 2021, as former Pro Outlaw 632 driver Jeremy Huffman announced today his plans to move up to the class next season. Huffman will make the move in the same 2010 Chevy Cobalt he drove to victory in Pro Outlaw 632 competition.

Huffman and his father, Mike, started racing in the PDRA’s Pro Outlaw 632 class in 2018 and in just a handful of appearances turned into a serious contender. The North Carolina-based driver earned his first low qualifier award and event victory at the 2019 PDRA World Finals before sitting out the 2020 season.


“We like naturally aspirated stuff, so Outlaw 632 was a great fit for us to get started and get our feet wet,” Huffman said. “Since we’ve been doing that, the Pro Stock class has enticed us. It’s the ultimate in the naturally aspirated world on a big scale, cubic-inch-wise. There’s something really cool about a really big, naturally aspirated engine at a lot of RPM. This year we decided to start making the moves to go in that direction.”

Huffman’s Cobalt will get a horsepower upgrade in the form of an 830-cubic-inch engine prepared by 3V Performance, Huffman’s sponsor and engine builder. The engine will be fed with new carburetors from AED Competition Fuel Systems. “We are very excited to work with Jay at AED on carburetor development for the Pro Stock engine,” Huffman said.The only other major change is an upgrade to the Liberty Extreme transmission.

“Running this particular car in Pro Outlaw 632 was the first time we’ve ever ran a clutch car with a manual transmission,” Huffman said. “It really helped us learn about running a Pro Stock-type car. We ran it with a clutch and a Liberty transmission just like it was run before in NHRA Pro Stock. It gave us a good opportunity to learn more about running that combination. We obviously have a ton more to learn and are by no means experts at it, but it gave us a lot more knowledge and understanding on how to run this type of car. When we move up to Pro Stock, it’s going to be the same type of car with a lot more power and more power management.”

Huffman plans to run the full 2021 PDRA schedule, which includes eight races along the East Coast and in the Midwest.

“PDRA will be our main focus, especially with this being our first year in the class,” Huffman said. “This is going to be a learning year for us. We don’t expect to go out there and have it all figured out.

“We love the PDRA,” Huffman continued. “It’s a great place to race. The tracks are always well prepped and they run at great facilities. It’ll be a great place for us to get our feet wet, learn more about the class and the combination, and go out and have some fun.”

Huffman will be joined by his longtime crew that includes his dad, Mike, his uncle Buddy, and engine builder/crew chief Tom Vigue.

Several sponsors and partners of Huffman’s Pro Outlaw 632 car have signed on to support the Extreme Pro Stock effort, including Johnny On The Spot Heating & Cooling, Patriot Axe Throwing, 3V Performance, Dellinger Fabrication, Mike Huffman Enterprise, Line2Line Coatings, Maxima Racing Oils, Tommy Lee Performance, Lithium Pros and PRS Suspension.

“I couldn’t do this without the support of my crew and our sponsors,” Huffman said. “These companies helped us get our first win in Pro Outlaw 632, and I’m thrilled to have their support as we chase that first ‘660 Man’ trophy in Extreme Pro Stock.”

The 2021 PDRA season will kick off at GALOT Motorsports Park in Benson, N.C., April 8-10.



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