JEGS Race Prepped TH-400 Transmission Rated to 1,200 HP

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JEGS Race Prepped Transmissions make an excellent choice for weekend bracket racers, high-powered street cars, and mud trucks, it’s equipped with a billet aluminum transbrake valve body that utilizes an internal solenoid, and a direct drum modified for instantaneous transbrake release. Rated to 1200 horsepower these transmissions are built with a Pro Mod 36-element sprag and aluminum drum, high-performance steels, precision clearance clutch packs, race prepped OEM case and tail housing, deep aluminum pan, and shortened output shaft for unbeatable performance.


  • Pro Mod 36 Element Sprag with hard coated aluminum drum
  • Billet Aluminum Transbrake valve body
  • Clutch packs & unit end play precision clearanced for “low drag” friction free performance
  • Race prepped factory case and tail housing
  • Deep aluminum pan for additional fluid capacity & cooling
  • Rated to 1200 HP

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