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Industry-Leading Performance Diesel Inc. Inks Premier Partnership with CTECH World Doorslammer Nationals presented by JEGS

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Recognized as a leader in high-quality diesel performance products, Performance Diesel Inc. is now part of one of drag racing’s biggest races during the 2021 season.

The Saint George, Utah-based company has joined the family of sponsors for this weekend’s CTECH World Doorslammer Nationals presented by JEGS at Orlando Speed World Dragway. Sensing the excitement brewing around the second annual race, which awards $75,000 to Pro Stock and $50,000 to Pro Mod, Performance Diesel Inc. (PDI) was eager to latch onto the major event as a premier partner.

“We’re excited to be involved with an event of this scale — with this kind of buzz,” said Jerad Wittwer, owner of Performance Diesel Inc. “Our background, our passion, our expertise is in diesel performance — that’s our deal, but we’re passionate about automotive performance and racing as a whole, and we’re invested in this industry, and want to do our part to see it grow. 

“While we’re excited as to the business opportunity this relationship represents and putting our products in front of people who own big diesel trucks, motorhomes, and toters, what has me excited, personally, is doing our part to ensure gearhead, hot rod culture continues.”

For 20 years, PDI has offered its customers the best possible combination of high-performance parts and accessories to help people reach their diesel efficiency and power goals. They’ve become a dominant force in the industry, with their tuners, turbochargers, and manifolds providing customers with clean, powerful, and efficient performance from their diesel engines.

PDI will have a noticeable presence in Orlando this weekend as well, with race officials eager to add a partnership of this magnitude to the second annual event.

“This new partnership with PDI is huge for us,” said Wes Buck, Founder and Editorial Director at Drag Illustrated, as well as the promoter of the CTECH World Doorslammer Nationals presented by JEGS. “Everyone we’ve worked with at PDI has been incredible and are genuinely excited to be a part of the race. Secondly, it’s exciting to work with a company that shares our vision for growing and building the sport of drag racing, especially when it’s a company that is outside the realm of a hardcore racing manufacturer or service provider.

“We’re fortunate to have a seemingly ever-growing village of racers, fans, sponsors, and overall supporters that are helping us put together what I believe will be, or already is, the biggest independent drag racing event on the planet. We couldn’t be more excited or appreciative.”

PDI has devoted a significant amount of time to research and development to give customers the cleanest, smoothest, and most powerful ride available, and with the number of massive rigs and diesel trucks that transport the race teams, the partnership makes perfect sense.

But PDI is also interested in working hard to keep the younger demographic interested in the sport, a major reason why it is sponsoring the CTECH World Doorslammer Nationals presented by JEGS. 

“Young people today, they’ve got more options for entertainment and hobbies than ever. There are all sorts of video games and computer games, and I know it’s important that we support events like the World Doorslammer Nationals and do all that we can to get these kids out to the race track to try and get them hooked on drag racing,” Wittwer said. “We want to help foster another generation of car guys and gals, do-it-yourselfers, and we believe this is a big step in that direction.”

VIP tickets for the second annual CTech Manufacturing World Doorslammer Nationals presented by JEGS are available here:



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