FuelTech Debuts New Software for FT600 and FT500 ECU Modules

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There are many options for engine control and electronic fuel injection in today’s market, but if you are looking for a company that is continually pushing to the forefront of the market, look no further than FuelTech.

With two locations – one in Brazil and the other in Ball Ground, Georgia – FuelTech is rapidly becoming the go-to source for power management control in the drag racing world. In the last calendar year, they have debuted their newest engine management system, the FT600. While this product was nearly superior when it was publicly released, the teams continued to find features that could be added to make their customers not have to buy other modules from other manufacturers. Not only does the FuelTech control the electronic fuel injection and the power management systems, they now have the FT-Spark to provide engine starting and operation ignition capabilities and the updated data logging system, all within one module.


Author Tyler Crossnoe provided this example from the FuelTech software he uses on his Ultra Street entry.

The latest software update, V3.2, is now available for download online, but DRAG ILLUSTRATED spoke with Luís Fernando Backes de Leon, the chief technology officer and an avid tuning mind at FuelTech, about some of the new features. “While there are so many new features, it’s difficult to pick my favorites, while the updates to the Pro Nitrous functions in the drag racing sections are very nice and easier to use than ever. Version 3.2 also offers brake line lock press control, making the process easier on the driver. FT Manager, where the tuning changes are made, also saw several small improvements and new math channels. We have pushed ourselves very hard to provide the best product possible for our customers in both drag racing and on the street.”

A screenshot provided by an actual PDRA Pro Nitrous team.

While FuelTech is still a relatively new company to the United States, they have proven themselves very quickly with their impressive record of top quality cars, event wins and championships – including a NHRA J&A Service Pro Modified championship on board the JEGS High Performance-sponsored Chevrolet Corvette of Troy Coughlin. FuelTech has found their way into the record books and winner’s circle countless times in the drag radial world, wired into numerous top-flight entries like DeWayne Mills, Ziff Hudson, Andrew Alepa, Rob Goss, Rich Bruder and countless others across multiple categories. Be sure to check out to see what all FuelTech offers for your high-performance street cruisier or all-out drag racing machine and download your copy of V3.2 software from FuelTech today!

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