Drag Illustrated Offering Free Marketing Consultations For Businesses Heading Into 2021

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With a long history of helping racing companies grow their business with drag racers, Drag Illustrated will now be offering free marketing consultations with members of its sales team.

The 30-minute consultations will take place in December, offering businesses the opportunity to learn new and unique ways to reach their audience. During the consultation, DI’s experienced sales team — a group that includes Scott Dorman, Will Mandell and J.T. Hudson – will present a comprehensive slide deck that details ways for businesses to better reach drag racers, showcasing proven methods that have worked for Drag Illustrated.


“Our team has a broad background of helping put businesses in front of drag racers, and we’re excited to help give them those same opportunities,” Drag Illustrated Publisher Scott Dorman said. “On these consultations, we can discuss ways to help businesses in this industry, and we can bring them insights to reach people across multiple platforms.

“While people are very familiar with Drag Illustrated’s print property, we’re also a leading performer digitally and on social media, and we’ve developed a number of ways across those platforms to reach racers as well.”

The detailed presentation illustrates key ways to reach drag racers in key areas, including digitally and through social media, showcasing critical insights the DI team has found in its successful practices.

Those practices have enabled Drag Illustrated to develop a strong audience of drag racers over the years, putting the publication on a direct path to its key demographic. The consultation will focus on that, drilling down how businesses can better target racers to make the most of their advertising and marketing.

“We’re able to work with these businesses and show them how we’ve done it, and they can take it from there,” Dorman said. “Since we’ve started the company, we’ve had that real relationship with racers, and that’s something nobody else can offer. You can’t do that through Facebook or Google, but this consultation brings to light why Drag Illustrated can target racers better than anyone.”

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