CV Products and PDRA Launch Partnership

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As the 2017 PDRA racing season is already just a few days away from the second stop on their eight-race tour, CV Products proudly announces that they will be a sponsor of this fast growing drag racing series.  CV Products will be contributing an award to the champions of the four professional classes in this inaugural partnership year.  This is particularly exciting due to the directional change that CV Products chose to embark on at the end of 2015, refocusing on their heritage of supplying only the best in high performance racing engine components to engine builders and competitors.   

Over the past year, CV’s return to their roots has been met with a level of excitement from CV’s loyal customers, especially from drag racing engine builders. CV recently launched an intergrated marketing campaign to communicate the message, “Focused on Engines, Focused on You.” “CV’s focus on race engines and the drag racing marketplace makes the PDRA and CV Products partnership the right power combination,” states Melissa Blackwell White, CV Marketing.


She added that several drag race engine builders have recently been featured in the ad campaign. They are none other than Scott Duggins, Gene Fulton and Brett Nesbitt, and they have the following to say about why you should use CV.  Nesbitt states, “CV Products’ customer service and Xceldyne Valves are superior in quality to anything else in the market.”

In addition, Duggins adds, “CV is very committed to providing parts that bolt on without having to make modifications while working as intended.”

Fulton says, “CV supplies the best hardcore racing parts. An example is their Xceldyne valves, which are by far the best on the market – no others compare!” 

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