Clint Satterfield On World Series Of Pro Mod: “It’s The Highlight Of Our Year”

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Three years into things and Clint Satterfield’s feelings on the DRAG ILLUSTRATED World Series of Pro Mod haven’t changed.

If anything, he’s only enjoyed it more each year – if that’s possible.


“We can’t wait for this race,” Satterfield said. “That race makes our year.”

Those are Satterfield’s sentiments heading into the third annual WSOPM, which takes place Aug. 9-10 at Bandimere Speedway in Denver.

Going into the race last year, Satterfield said he had been anxiously awaiting the $100,000 winner-take-all extravaganza all year, calling it the highlight of his racing season.

A year later, not much has changed. He’s still counting down the days to race on Thunder Mountain and it’s still a date he’s had circled on the calendar since the 2019 race announcement was made.

“(Drag Illustrated Founder and Editorial Director) Wes (Buck) puts on such a good event and it’s just a fun, exciting event,” Satterfield said. “Believe me, if we didn’t think racing was fun, we wouldn’t be out here. But we have a blast at this race. It’s the highlight of our year.”

Satterfield fully understands what it would mean to win the biggest and richest Pro Mod race in the history of the known universe.

While that’s a massive carrot dangling in front of him and his turbocharged CAS Enterprises, Inc. Camaro, that’s not the sole reason Satterfield makes the annual trek to Denver.

In fact, it might be nowhere near the top as far as Satterfield is concerned. Sure, he would thoroughly enjoy taking the “Turbo Pig” to the winner’s circle against the top stars in the Pro Mod class, claiming a six-figure check in the process, but Satterfield simply loves the environment on Thunder Mountain.

That part was evident a year ago, as the Pro Mod veteran ripped off a wild burnout on the Friday of the race, coming back up the return road to soak up the cheers in his usual excited manner.

His enthusiasm summed up what has made the event so memorable the first two years, and Satterfield doesn’t see that slowing down one bit in 2019.

“It’s not stressful, it’s a lot of fun and that’s what we love about the race,” Satterfield said. “When it comes down to it, we are entertainers and, here, we’re the main attraction. The fans are there to see us and I love that. It’s really neat for us. It’s all about getting to enjoy racing and having a good time. I love racing in Pro Mod in the NHRA, but this is just different.”

If anything, Satterfield should be even more excited heading into the 2019 WSOPM. His Camaro has performed far better this year on the NHRA circuit than it has in a handful of years, with Satterfield and Bob Gardner finding a combination that has worked well.

They qualified in Atlanta and then rode that momentum to a final-round appearance in Topeka, marking his second career NHRA Pro Mod finals appearance. Satterfield ran solidly in the 5.90s, knocking off the likes of defending world champion Mike Janis, Todd Tutterow and Khalid alBalooshi to get there.

It provided a massive boost of confidence for Satterfield and Gardner, who are now the only ones making decisions on the car.

The two-man duo of Satterfield and Gardner may have things stacked against them when it comes to manpower, but they surely aren’t backing down from anyone in Denver. Satterfield won’t be afraid to go for broke and do whatever it takes to win, but he remains satisfied with the progress he’s made heading into his biggest race of the year, the World Series of Pro Mod.

“Bob and I started tuning the car ourselves this year and we’re pretty happy with the progress we’ve made,” Satterfield said. “We’re not all the way there yet, but we’ve made some really great strides in a short amount of time. That has us excited for the future.”



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