BRODIX® Introduces A Trio Of New Products

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BRODIX® has introduced the new BP BR 1 13™. With it, BRODIX has once again raised the bar in the LS compatible cylinder head war! With the introduction of the BP BR 1 13, BRODIX delivers the best LS cathedral port compatible cylinder head on the market. This head offers a 13.5° valve angle paired with nitrous/boost friendly combustion chambers that fit existing pistons. This 100% CNC ported head utilizes 2.100 / 1.600 valve sizes and features newly designed 245 cc intake ports that flow over 370 cfm as well as redesigned exhaust ports that flow over 235 cfm. As with all legendary BRODIX products, these heads are made in the USA with A-356 virgin aluminum alloy.

When it comes to the BRODIX® IK F 195™, you have spoken and we have listened again. The new IK Series™ small block Ford compatible heads offer legendary performance and price! New features for the

IK F 195 include a revolutionary casting, 195 cc intake ports that are specifically designed for optimum versatility, and 68 cc combustion chambers that allow the use of several types of fuels. Standard features are A-356 virgin aluminum alloy, phosphorous bronze valve guides, valve seats for use with unleaded fuel, and ends milled and drilled for accessories. CNC ported combustion chambers are available as large as 74 cc. These are the most affordable high quality aluminum cylinder heads on the market.

  • Best Balance Between Performance and Price
  • Uses All Standard Components
  • Toughest Castings in the Business
  • Perfect for Cast Iron Replacement
  • 100% CNC Machined
  • 195 cc Intake Port Flows Over 261 cfm
  • A-356 Virgin Aluminum, Easily Repaired

The new BRODIX® BB-3 XTRA 327™ has taken the conventional big block to the next level. These cylinder heads feature a valve angle that is rolled two degrees. These heads have 327 cc rectangular intake ports that flow over 400 cfm. They come standard with CNC ported chambers and a 2.300/1.880 valve size. Contact BRODIX® or visit our website for your nearest dealer.



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