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Big-Money Races Like CTECH World Doorslammer Nationals Bring Out the Best in Anderson

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There’s not much that gets Greg Anderson’s adrenaline going like a big-money Pro Stock shootout. That’s what the CTECH World Doorslammer Nationals presented by JEGS offers and it’s why the four-time Pro Stock loves the race so much.
It often brings out the best in Anderson, as he has thrived over the years during single-day Pro Stock shootouts in his illustrious NHRA career.

He nearly came through last year at Orlando Speed World Dragway, too, losing in a thrilling final round to longtime rival Jeg Coughlin Jr. at the inaugural event. With Coughlin retired, Anderson has his sights on the $75,000 prize during this weekend’s event, which would be one more noteworthy accomplishment in an exemplary career.

“I’m really looking forward to this. I just love these non-points big-money races. I love to race for cold-hard cash,” Anderson said. “It certainly gets your attention because of the dollar figure and we had great success last year. It’s just my kind of race.”

Whatever the necessary mindset is, Anderson has found it over the years in these types of races. He won the K&N Shootout a Pro Stock-best seven times and was quick, steady, and nearly the event winner in Orlando a year ago.

While the big-money prize and the spotlight totally on Pro Stock and Pro Mod in Orlando presents a different kind of pressure, Anderson has thrived in those situations. He’s been aggressive when necessary and willing to leave it all on the line to win big money.

“You’re willing to take more risks and try more things. When it’s big money, you have to go for it and I just must like to race that way,” Anderson said. “It absolutely, positively makes your blood flow and it’s just more fun when you put up those crazy numbers.”

Ideal weather conditions and a perfect track at Orlando Speed World Dragway allowed for remarkable numbers last year, with Anderson getting into the 6.40s on the first day of qualifying. He stayed there most of the weekend, going 6.484-seconds at 213.81 mph in the memorable final round, and Anderson noted the extra thrill he gets when he’s able to dip into the 6.40s and run nearly 215 mph.

He continues to have high praise for the stellar track in Orlando and with favorable conditions again expected this weekend, Anderson hopes to put on a show.

“As racers, you just want to go fast. I can’t say enough about the track, too. It’s fantastic,” Anderson said. “It’s a great place to race and they’re all about racing down there as well. They love racing, they love Pro Stock and it’s my kind of people. It just makes you feel really good.”

Seeing Pro Stock succeed in the spotlight also brings a special joy to the veteran and 94-time event winner.

He’s long paraded the class as capable to stand on its own, and Pro Stock’s resurgence in recent years has made that event. With a large field expected in Orlando this weekend, Pro Stock should again put on a show as a headliner.

Anderson can’t help but smile about that, noting it makes the challenge of winning that much harder. But should he win the $75,000 prize at the CTECH World Doorslammer Nationals presented by JEGS, it would make the win that much sweet.

“A race like this makes you feel good about the class and, in my opinion, Pro Stock is the best class going right now,” Anderson said. “We had a big group of fans in the stands last year and I’m proud of the class and the way people have supported it. I wouldn’t miss this race for the world. I need to be on my game and hopefully, I can have another great race. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for the last five months and now it’s here.”



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