Wyman Establishes System 1 Pro Ignition Mag Service

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System1_logo300Renowned racing ignition specialist Bob Wyman will be spearheading a new magneto service and repair venture, System 1 Pro Ignition, a collaboration with long-time parts manufacturer and racer Steve Faria’s System 1 Filters.

“I look forward to providing the same quality magneto service as I did before moving here,” said Wyman.  “We are up and running in our new shop here at System 1 and I hope to  continue to support racers I have worked with in the past.”

For questions, inquiries and customer support, Bob can be reached at (559) 687-0288.  The shop fax number is (559) 687-0289.  Bob can be emailed at

System 1 Pro Ignition

4288 South K St

Tulare, CA 93274




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