Wilwood is pleased to announce the new GM D154 Metric Caliper

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Wilwood’s all new forged aluminum GM D154 Metric Calipers are now available for UMP,USRA/USMTS, AMS, AMRA, and all other modified racing sanctions and tracks that allow aluminum calipers when stock mount, single piston calipers are specified.


These ultra-strong forged calipers are fully detail machined and stress analysis tested to provide the lightest overall weight with the highest resistance to deflection, even when compared to much heavier and bulky cast aluminum parts, bar none.


The calipers feature an anodized finish, with low heat conduction stainless steel pistons and positive retraction bore seals.  Fluid inlets have been relocated to the center of the piston bore to eliminate any possible interference with the slide pins, with bleed ports at both ends to accommodate left, right, front, or rear position mounting.  To cap off this high end performer, M.S.R.P. for your choice of a caliper with either 2.00” or 2.50” pistons is only $112.20.

GM D154 Metric Caliper 120-13900

Wilwood has been expertly designing and manufacturing high-performance disc brake components in the USA since 1977. Engineered and rigorously tested for the track, Wilwood brakes provide unsurpassed quality and performance with sleek, lightweight designs. Wilwood has dominated the motorsports arena for decades, making their street market brakes among the most technologically advanced around.



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