UEM Pistons Launches New Web Site

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United Engine and Machines’s (UEM) new website makes piston selection fast, simple and economical.  As the largest piston manufacturer in North America, UEM is proud to announce the launch of their new website. UEM produces cast and forged pistons in variety of forged and cast aluminum alloys that meet and exceed the requirements of today’s high performance internal combustion engines.

UEM SiteEach of our piston brands; ICON, Silv-O-Lite, KB Automotive, Claimer, KB V-Twin, and KB Powersports are carefully crafted with specific applications in mind. UEM’s line is crafted featuring a variety of superior design elements, technical engineering differences and specialty manufacturing processes.  Their extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities enable the complete development and manufacture of piston needs, ensuring a precision balance, finish and concentricity.

The new site includes sections on all piston categories, and detailed information on each application. Their unique Piston Calculator section includes analytics to determine compression ratios, ring end gaps, deck clearance and other critical needs.  Also, the latest
up-to-date catalogs are online for downloading and referencing.

Further information is available from:

United Engine and Machine Company