Triple Turbo Pulling Tractor Pushes FuelTech’s Hub Dyno to the Limit

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Our friends at FuelTech USA have built a reputation for pushing the boundaries, and their most recent hub dyno exploits continue that trend. Rather than a 5,000-plus horsepower Radial vs. World car or NHRA-legal Pro Mod, Luis de Leon and the gang in Ball Ground, Georgia, strapped the Galot Motorsports Super Stock Pulling Tractor down and turned it loose.

The compound turbocharged 650-inch six-cylinder in these tractors, which typically ingest over 120-pounds of boosted air, are capable of producing in excess of 5,000-horsepower. In this instance, the Harts Turbochargers didn’t have to get even close to those boost levels before maxing out the torque output of the Mainline dyno.


According to, “the GALOT Motorsports tractor has been outfitted with a FuelTech package that is similar to Pro Mod race cars, which begins with a FuelTech FT600 engine management system to help control the insanely powerful six-cylinder combination. The all-in-one ECU is a valuable tool in the high stakes pulling game, especially when big money is on the line. The FT600 along with the other PowerFT ECUs—FT550, FT550LITE, and FT450—offer sequential injection and ignition, O2 Closed Loop, data logger, delay box, Boost Controller, Nitrous Controller, and so much more. The FT600, FT550, and FT450 have a customizable digital display for the driver and the anti-glare TFT touchscreen offers the ability to make adjustments to the tune without hooking up to a PC computer.”

Check out the video:

The blog post continued, emphasizing the importance of the tractor’s ignition system when tasked with creating the spark that generates these insane power levels and on-track performances.

“Life begins at 100 psi in the compound boost game, making the ignition system a critical component,” read the detail-oriented blog posting. “The team went right to the top with a FTSPARK EXTREME, which is the most powerful ignition system on the market—even more powerful than single and dual magneto ignition systems. It produces a minimum of 1,500mj and has a maximum rating of 1,700mj, that is a guaranteed 250% greater output than the FTSPARK Gen I. It will also provide 175 amps of current at the primary coil (40 percent increase over FTSPARK Gen I). The FTSPARK Extreme box features four channels, requiring two ignition boxes for eight cylinder engines (sold separately), a set of ignition coils, and a plug kit.”

Additional photos from the project are included below.




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