Total Control Products’ New Custom-Fit Transmission Crossmember

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Whether altering drivetrain position or swapping in a non-factory transmission, the weld-in transmission crossmember kit from Total Control Products is the correct part for the job. The crossmember has a maximum width of 29” and ships as an unassembled weld-together kit, allowing ultimate flexibility in positioning the drivetrain. By rotating the 1-1/4″ diameter bent tube prior to installing the billet tube adapters the drivetrain angle is adjustable with a maximum drop height of four inches. Additionally, the weld-on frame brackets can be positioned as needed along the length of the factory rail to easily accommodate transmissions of various lengths. The crossmember bracket accepts common GM-style urethane mounts for directly mounting to most commonly used transmissions. For 2005-up Ford Mustang transmission swaps, a simple adapter bracket is available to convert the three-hole vertical-plane bolt-pattern to the common two-bolt pattern.

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