Tidy Up Your CAN Bus Connections With The 4 Port AEMnet CAN Hub

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AEM’s 4 Port AEMnet CAN Hub is the perfect solution for connecting multiple AEMnet CAN bus-enabled devices together. This convenient Module provides a central docking station for four AEMnet cables via 4-way DTM-style housings and can provide power to all of the connected devices on the Hub through a single port (3A max current capacity – NOT for use to power UEGO sensor heaters). Users can daisy-chain two 4 Port AEMnet CAN Hubs together for a total of 6 connected devices.

The 4 Port CAN hub is IP67-rated and can be installed in the engine compartment. Mounting hardware and instructions are included.


Easily connect and power multiple AEMnet CAN devices from a central docking station!
Four integrated 4-way DTM-style housings provide reliable AEMnet CAN connections
Daisy chain two Hubs to connect six AEMnet Devices
Compact enclosure – 3.45” (87.63mm) Long x 1.18” (29.85mm) Tall
Safe for engine bay mounting – IP67-rated enclosure
Mounting hardware included (two 4-40 x 7/8” flat head screws, two 4-40 x 0.375” washers and two 4-4 x 9/64” Nylock nuts)



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