Southeast Gassers Association’s Emerald Coast Event Postponed

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect drag racing across the country, the Southeast Gassers Association is the latest organization to postpone upcoming events in response to government recommendations and mandates. Series founder Quain Stott announced via Facebook that the Southeast Gassers’ March 21 race at Emerald Coast Dragway has been postponed, with a new date to be announced soon. 

After tons of research we have found that the risk of the government stepping in and shutting us down is to great to chance. Sending racers, fans and sponsors on an average 7 hour trip only to be told sorry y’all can’t race just don’t make good sense. As most know I love to stand my ground but only when the outcome hurts just me. This time the wrong outcome will hurt 1,000’s of others. This is not about the virus it’s about the panic the fake news media is causing because of the virus. It’s not about the money because we have great sponsors that would cover that. It’s about trying my best to be a good leader and make decisions that is best for all involved.


The final decision was made today by myself, Rocky Platt and Ryan Milliken(track owner Emerald Coast Dragway). All three of us wanted to fight the system but knew a good leader would never take his troops into a battle he knew they would lose. If it would have only effected the 3 of us Rocky and I would be headed that way right now to help Ryan get ready for the battle but that’s not the case this time.

Several things helped make the decision, one example was Steve Brightwho works for the Defense department was told / requested that him and his family could not leave the state. Angela Blackwell our girl in the tower that we can’t do without was told by her real job that if she left the state she would have to be home quarantined at for 14 days before returning to work. I could go on and on with examples about staff and racers that just flat can’t go by no fault of their own and many more with underlying health issues that don’t need to be going but would have just to support the Southeast Gassers Association.

Notice it says POSTPONED, we are going to do our best to reschedule this event for the Florida and Alabama fans that have been so supportive in helping us promote it.

~Quain Stott~



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