Racers Gear Up For Guaranteed Million Pre-Entry

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Racers from across the country will be traveling Memphis over Memorial Day weekend next year for their shot at $1 million. And no – not a million that’s split over the winner, runner-up, and semi-finalist positions, or a million that’s reliant on a certain car count, but a guaranteed $1 million to the winner. One drag racer will be the first in history to win that much money at a single race.

Those who aren’t as lucky still have a shot at a pretty good chunk of change, with the runner-up taking home $50,000, $10,000 to semi-finalists, $7,500 to all round seven winners, $6,000 to round six winners, $4,500 to round five winners, $3,000 to round four winners, and $1,500 to round three winners. Plus, all purses are guaranteed.


The entry fee for the main race – to take place over Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend – has a $3,000 entree fee, with a $700 fee for re-entry. There will also be a shootout race on Wednesday, and Moser Triple $40k’s races on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. And to make it a bit easier on the pocketbook, there are two payment options outside of paying in full:

  • Pay $1,000 to lock in your spot on October 11, with $500 due on January 11, March 11, May 11, and the remaining $500 due at the gate
  • Pay $490 to lock in your spot on October 11, with $335 due on November 11, January 11, February 11, March 11, April 11, and May 11, and the remaining $500 due at the gate

Pre-entry opens at 6 pm CT on Friday.

Straightline Strategy Group, who is the partner of Stringer Performance and the owner of Clay Millican’s Top Fuel dragster, is partnering with race promoters Britt Cummins and Gaylon Rolison to make the event happen.

“Britt is great when it comes to knowing a lot of people and getting doors open, but he doesn’t always have the time and resources available for an event this big, and that’s how we got involved,” said Scott Gardner, currently the chief marketing officer at Straightline Strategy Group, and also the former president of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA).

“Racers love attending their [Cummins and Rolison] events. They know that racing is the key thing, but there will be so much more to do at this race, like golf cart races, parties, prizes outside of the top cash purse, and more.”

Gardner says this event is a huge opportunity for sponsors, especially those who may be involved at the professional level but not yet at the bracket level.

“Bracket racing is the biggest sportsman drag race class there is. It’s bigger than Stock and Super Comp. It really is the heartbeat of drag racing. If a company wants to infiltrate bracket racers, this is the event they need to focus on attending next year.”

Cars are expected to attend from all corners of the United States, and even a few dozen cars from Mexico have plans to make the journey to Memphis.

Racers can enter by visiting



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